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Updated: Apr 4, 2018

One of the biggest experices I've had in my career as a photographer was the opportunity to follow Mr. Eric Bellinger on his tour through Europe. Eric is one of the most humble talented guys I've met so far and his creativity seems to be endless. He already wrote songs for names like Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Kid Ink, Trey Songs, The Game,Wale and a ton of other artists. Im really proud that I can call him a friend today and I grant him every success he has because I know that it is well earned.

This picture was made on our first stop in Nuernberg, Germany after Eric arrived from Los Angeles. I love the colors and how the light of the streets bounces on Erics face. The mood is just pure.

I took this picture before one of Erics gigs. It's just a typical moment in the life of an artist: The blunt before the show - kind of "the last breath of silence".

This picture shows Eric and his DJ after their show, while sitting in the shuttle waiting for the driver to drive them back to their hotel in London, Great Britain.

This picture shows Eric in between of his fans while their doing videos on their mobile devices. I picked this photo because it raises the question why people prefer doing videos for the past over enjoying the moment and just going with the flow to experience the moment in its whole intensity.


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