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Sometimes it is kind of funny how life goes. Meeting Cliff is one of those storys. I met Cliff on a sunny Sunday at Mauerpark, Berlin. He was playing basketball on that little court you can find in the middle of this famous park in Berlin. He was playing pretty well and I though it would be fun to compete against him. We played a couple of games and I directly liked his attitude. He was playing tough but smiled all the time. You where able to see that he loved what he did. Sometimes you meet people and have a connection to them without talking a lot. After that day he became one of my really close friends and I'm glad that he became part of my circle.

I took these pictures of Cliff on our way to a GQ Event in Berlin. An interesting fact is that Cliff always looks like he has his own stylist but he randomly grabs clothes out of his closet. He just has this incredible sense of style and swag that makes him look on point whenever you see him.


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