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Exhibition / Ocean Font Walk

Los Angeles!

The city of dreams. No other place in the world stands for opportunities like LA. The home of the stars. From Marilyn Monroe to Brad Pitt - Hollywood has always been a symbol of success. Despite this fame and glamour, the strong desire for freedom gave birth to a unique subculture.

Modern skateboarding emerged in the 1970s during a severe drought, when surfers began experimenting with riding skateboards in empty swimming pools. The “Zephyr Skateboarding Team” was formed by local teens and surf shop owners in the Venice Beach and Santa Monica areas. These two beach neighborhoods became known as Dogtown.

Since then, the sport of skateboarding developed into a global trend that became Olympic and inspires a whole generation. Nowadays, global players like “Louis Vuitton” and “Nike” include urban culture in their marketing and designs.

I accompanied the successors of the legendary “Dogtown” skaters for a few months and captured their everyday life in “Venice Beach Skatepark”.


09.03.- 19.03.2023 | TRIBES | Tieckstr. 1 |



14.04.- 04.05.2023 | Blume.Art | Breite Strasse 48

32657 Lemgo


06.05.- 14.05.2023 | ARTY FARTY Gallery | Lichtstraße 15 | 50825 Köln


01.11.- 01.03.2023 | MoGrade | Griebenowstraße 5 | 10435 Berlin


Screening / Ocean Front Walk

Screening Event Ocean Front Walk 

Supported by


Havana Club 

Nio House Berlin 

Screening / Way Out

Los Angeles!

In the heart of Los Angeles, Ian Murphy is making waves as a streetball sensation. His incredible skills have shot him to fame on TikTok, drawing crowds eager to witness his skills firsthand

But with fame comes challenges, from rival players to the pressure to perform. In this short film, follow Ian as he navigates the highs and lows of streetball stardom, proving he's more than just a viral sensation, he's a symbol of resilience and passion.

From the hot pavement to the bright lights, Ian's story is one of determination and talent. So grab your sneakers and join the journey of Ian Murphy, the streetball player who's taking Los Angeles by storm.